The globalization of the world has made it so small that today you can literally hold it in the palm of your hand and see through the crystal ball what the fu- ture holds for you.The future is out there for those who are ready...[ Read More].

The mission of the American College of International Academics is to pre-pare students to be able to acquire knowledge and use their abilities and skills to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, criticize, utilize, implement and apply to make their present secure and their future in the challenging 21st century and beyond successful and productive for a peaceful and safer haven for themselves and their future generations.

The vision of the college is to create an institution of higher learning which will be trusted in the world as an icon of strength and dynamism that can turn dreams of idealist students into realities.


ayesha hamid

The educational program is designed to empower students with strong Language skills that will enable them to be extremely communicative in both written and oral abilities.They will be given awareness, through the educational programs, about global issues and strategies...Read More



The American School of International Academics Lahore Pakistan Affiliated/Accredited /Chartered By the American Commissions& WFA.

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I congratulate the Chairperson, Ayesha Hamid, on her brave and daring ventureto take this responsibility in today’s challenging times. But then if you know her. [Read More]



MR.MIAN IMRAN MASOOD A unique college with a great determination is now going to be available to young students. ACIA has a very strong and dynamic leadership of individuals like Ayesha Hamid who have a positive and strong mission to take the youth of Pakistan to great heights. The College assures a high quality standard with a very strong academic program.[ Read More]


The American College is definitely a unique concept in Lahore and will surely be an asset to education for the students of Pakistan. We know that every year thousands of students are left abandoned with now here to pursue their..[Read More]







School on the launching of its long awaited dream, “The American College of International Academics”. The college will definitely continue ASIA’s mission “to provide the highest quality education to all its regular and special needs students..[Read More]


Dr.Clyde W. Slocum

 "In  1999, as a CITA representative, I chaired a team to conduct an on-site evaluation visit to the ASIA school in Lahore, Pakistan.  The team was impressed with its instructional program, the quality of the teachers, and the strong leadership in the school.  We were very pleased to recommend CITA accreditation status for the school."